Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Updates on My Son

Dear Best Friend,
 The hospital my son is in now wants him to go to residential care, which means sending him away for a while. I also feel this is best for him, as he is showing some major signs of manipulation, which will only make things worse if he were to come home.   
This has all really come as a shock.  It's happened so fast over the last 6 days.  I went from the happiest I have ever been, to a whole new level of low.  But as the shock is wearing off, I'm getting my game face on.
Today I am going to see if we can get some family therapy.  I am concerned about how this is going to affect everyone and I want all of us, even the kids, to have the tools for helping my son transition back into the home whenever he is ready to come home.  I'd rather work ahead of the game because I know it will be an adjustment learning to deal with this.

-Your Best Friend

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