Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I Miss Talking

Dear Best Friend,

I miss you.  We used to talk everyday. Sometimes for hours at a time. Year after year we never ran out of things to talk about.  But as life would have it, we gradually stopped talking and now it's been nearly two years since we last spoke.  No fight.  Just a change in life and life circumstances.  I miss the friendship we had, our conversations and most of all having your words of comfort when I'm stressed.

Life has gone on during the time we haven't talked.  Your oldest daughter would be a teenager now and learning to drive!  I wonder how that is going?!  My two oldest are teenagers also and my baby is no longer a baby.  I still wonder if our children would have gotten along if they ever met.  I think they would have.  Your girls would have been a great balance to my boys.

I heard you got married.  I've wondered why you didn't send me an annoucement?  I would have liked to congratulate you on your special day.  So, even though it's more than a year late, Congratulations and Best Wishes!

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