Sunday, December 19, 2010

Life Today

Dear Best Friend,

Today at church we had a lesson about the true meaning of the Sabbath Day.  I enjoyed it very much and can always use a reminder that today is a special day for rest and the Lord.  I came away with a renewed feeling of giving myself a break on Sunday and allowing time to strengthen my relationship with God.  I do fairly good at it usually but there is always room for improvement.

When we got home from church, my husband announced that he was going to the store to buy nails....  I just don't get it.  It's like we didn't even attend the same meeting.  Just another way that we are so totally incompatible.

I'm listening to a Christmas cd you made for me many years ago.  The mix of different styles is so great. Just exactly the kind of mix I love.  Sometimes I think I'm a little weird for loving music of many different styles and I kind of wish there was a radio station that would play that kind of huge range.  It would be so cool to hear Sinatra, then Rascal Flatts, followed with Madona and then Black Eyed Peas.  lol I'm not sure if there are enough people out there who would appreciate that, but it would be my favorite station!

I also realize you added a country Christmas song to the cd which had to have killed you, since I know how much you HATE country.  But sure does show me how much attention you put into the cd.  I wish I had better appreciated it back then.  Live and learn I guess.

Did you decorate your house to the hilt this year?  I know how much you love to go all out at Christmas.  I don't have many decorations out.  Mostly because I hate putting them all away.  But sadly I don't even have my tree up yet.  Now that is bad.  I need to get it out and soon or I'm going to have some very disappointed kids.


Your Best Friend

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