Friday, December 17, 2010


Dear Best Friend,

I had my last day of preschool today, until next year.  I'm looking forward to the two week break.  However, one of my kids is moving and I am sure going to miss him!  He has a huge personality and all of the kids really like him. He was one of two boys as well, which means there is only one boy left in the class.  Poor guy.  He is really out numbered now.

We had a party for our last day which was a big success.  The parents came and taught some crafts and we played a game.  I enjoyed sitting back and watching for once.

I did a search for myself on the internet, some site with the word peek in it.  It found me and also listed some of my possible relative.  Guess what?  My husband's ex-wife showed up as a possible relative.  Ew!  I am NOT related to her, that is for sure!

I miss you.  I wish you could answer back.


Your Best Friend

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