Friday, January 28, 2011

Preschool's Got Me Hopping

Dear Best Friend,

I have been crazy, super duper busy these days.  It's that time of year when parents start looking for preschools for next year (ya why so early? I don't know either) which means my phone has been ringing off the hook.  I'm very pleased to have interest in what was my little preschool and am growing it into something I never really imagined.  Most every day I finish teaching and then potential students start coming to check out my classroom and to meet with me.  Today I had 3 different people come!  That is a record for one day.

I am also hiring an assistant to help with my largest class and she came to work with me today.  She was terrific with the kids and I'm excited for us to be working together.  We are decorating a second room in my house for her class.  Just one more thing on my plate which needs my immediate attention.

I've had my two youngest kids home running fevers as well.  My baby boy was crying and crying today because I was giving all of my attention to the preschool and not him. :(  When the kids are sick they have to stay upstairs until preschool is out so they don't spread germs which was especially hard on my baby boy today.  I think their fevers make them a little bit emotional.

We received a phone call from the place my oldest son is in and they think he will be coming home in a few weeks.  It's a bitter sweet feeling.  On one hand I am happy to hear he is doing well.  I went to visit him last Monday and we had a terrific time together.  He sounds happy when I talk to him on the phone.  He's been trying really hard to do well in school and to follow the rules.  This is the best I've heard him sound in a long time which does give me hope that he is on the mend.  On the other hand I am very scared for him to come home.  I just can't shake my fear of him being back home and having another break down.  The person I need to protect him from the most, is himself and there is no way for me to do that.

My mind seems to be on over drive with all the preschool activity, my two kids at home, worrying about my oldest and all of the other parts of life that make me a woman, wife and mother.  I am having a hard time sleeping, which is why I am up so late now.  It's interesting how exhausted I can be and yet I still can't sleep.

Love, Your Best Friend

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