Saturday, January 1, 2011

"Happy" New Year

Dear Best Friend,

It's time to ring in a new year.  2011 already.  I can't believe how fast the years are going.  How did you spend your new years eve? Probably having or attending a party.  You are such a social person.  I spent mine at home watching movies with my boys, and my husband slept on the couch.  I did wake him about 3 minutes before the new year so he could have a sparkling cider with me.  My youngest son was very excited and was dancing all around the living room.  Oh how I would like to harness that energy!

I tried to call my oldest son, but he fell asleep really early, so I didn't get to talk to him.  I'm glad he was finally sleeping even if I am a little sad I didn't get to wish him a happy new year.  Maybe we will go and visit him tonight.

 The current plan for my oldest is that he will go to a new residential treatment center on Tuesday.  I feel good about that choice.  I talked to the hospital about my concerns with our insurance not allowing him to stay long enough to get better and they said they will do what they can from their end.  I know the clinicians have a lot more weight when it comes to that, than we do as his parents.  All I really want is for my boy to get better, be confident in himself and feel good about life.  If that takes months, then it takes months, and I really hope our insurance company will cooperate with that this time around.  I fear what will happen to him if they don't.  I don't even want to think about that.

I'm working on cleaning up the Christmas decorations today.  I think most of it is put away but now the hard part, which is getting it up in the attic.  If I had steps for that attic it wouldn't be such a problem but I have to climb up a ladder and it's hard for me to pull myself up into the space.  I'm hoping I can get my husband to do that part. Right now he's working on another project, which he's been working on for 5 months now.  I'd like to see him finish it and don't really want to bother him right now.

I took the youngest two kids to Olive Garden today for lunch.  I didn't want them to feel left out, since we took the oldest kids a couple week ago.  It was nice and we left completely stuffed.  The last time I took my youngest there, he threw a fit about his food, wouldn't sit still, fell off of his chair and hit his head.  This time he sat there and ate his food.  He's growing up.

I have a new student starting in preschool next week!  I'm sure the kids will enjoy having a new friend in class.  Her mom is going to give me voice lessons for part of the tuition.  I've wanted to take voice lessons for many years and I'm excited about the opportunity.  I love having a business of my own where I can trade services.  It has given me opportunities I wouldn't have had otherwise.

I'm thinking of you today and hope your 2011 is full of wonderful things.

Love, Your Best Friend

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