Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Little Bit of Random

Dear Best Friend,

Yesterday morning I got my errands all done as early as I possibly could.  I knew if I didn't get up and get going I would wind up sitting at home and not wanting to do anything.  When I came home I finished folding the laundry and the last thing I took upstairs were towels from the kids' bathroom.  That place was so nasty dirty and I decided to give it a good cleaning.  Just as I was finishing by taking the trash out, someone rang my doorbell.

My initial thought was that it was a potential preschool parent and I froze.  I looked like I just cleaned a bathroom.  Well, obviously.  However, it was my good friend, so I opened the door.  She asked me if I was busy, which I wasn't, and said that she was taking me out to lunch!  Wow!  She looked totally cute though and me, not so much.  But of course she didn't care about that.  It was only me feeling a little self conscience.  I got over the initial feeling of not looking like I would want to look and we had a great time out together.

Last night my boys went to their dad's house so hubby and I were home alone.  We did nothing romantic at all to celebrate our freedom.  No, we finished fixing the air conditioner.  But now it's done!

We also watched Knight and Day.  Very cute movie.

Remember when I told you about stepdaughter missing curfew?  Well, she did it again last night, darn it.  I had hoped she learned better the first time.

I finally talked to my oldest today.  He says he is not sleeping very well but otherwise he is okay.  He was talking quite a bit and told me about school and some of the things that they do there, like playing chess.  I think he's having an okay time, even though I know he would rather be home.  He also said that he hasn't talked to his therapist yet.  That causes me some concern.  I didn't send him to boarding school, I sent him to talk about his issues and figure out a way to cope with life.  I hope that they get going on that soon, otherwise it's a huge waste of time.  Again.

The second class I am starting for preschool is already full.  I only have one spot left, which I'm thrilled about!  I'm really excited about the idea of having two full classes next year.  That would be sooo great!

Take care!

-Your Best Friend

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